Skye is a purebred Shih Tzu dog, born in March 2018, and adopted by our family at eight weeks old. She is white with brindle markings, and the sweetest canine personality we’ve ever encountered. She soaks up attention and is easily content when she’s with the people she loves.

At eight and a half pounds full-grown, she’s still a little gal herself, and we like it that way.

Skye as a puppy

Shih Tzu dogs tend to be snugglers, preferring companionship to high-energy play. Skye is no exception. She has energy and spunk, but does not have high exercise needs. She’s been an extremely gentle dog, quiet-tempered and good with kids. She is not a barker. She hardly sheds. We’ve found her intelligent, friendly, adaptable, and easy to train.

Okay, except for the fact that she likes to eat gross stuff, like the scraps we throw out for the chickens. Ew.

In short, we wouldn’t take any amount of money for her, and we can’t remember what it was like not having her here with us. Skye is registered with the American Canine Association. Her three-generation pedigree is available on request.