We think our dogs are something special.

Concerning the breed…

Shih Poos are a relatively new line of dogs, a hybrid between a Shih Tzu and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Also known as “Poo Tzus” or “Shihdoodles” (or simply “teddy bear dogs”), they’re the perfect breed to fall in love with. Shih Poos are known for being hypoallergenic, friendly, and snuggly. They are affectionate and intelligent, the ideal tiny companion.

Compared to many breeds, Shih Poos stay puppy-sized even when full grown: 10 pounds average weight, and between 8-13 inches high at the shoulder.

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Our purebred Shih Tzu, Skye.

Concerning our own puppies…

Our dams, Skye and Chelsea, both have good bloodlines, and we have taken care that their needs are met. They live a good life with our family, exercising, playing, and relaxing with us. Both dams are healthy, have been genetically tested and cleared by Embark, and are up to date on all recommendations.

Skye and Chelsea have each shown themselves to be excellent mothers. They are non-territorial and mild, maintaining an easy level of trust and goodwill. At the same time, they stay close to their puppies, and offer the best of mothering.

Our dams and puppies enjoy life in a family setting, with lots of human relationships, comfortable accommodations, and space to run. Both of our female dogs are treasured pets: easy-going animals, with genes and personalities that we are proud to pass on in their babies.

In this context, your puppy will be given the best care we can possibly offer, until the day that you adopt him and take him home!

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