On October 8, Skye was blessed with three little girl-puppies. They are all thriving! Squirming and squeaking and sleeping and doing all the right things.

These puppies are spoken for, with an extensive back-up waiting list if anything should fall through with a current family. But stay tuned for pictures of puppy cuteness coming up throughout the next weeks, as we snuggle and enjoy them!

As per our tradition, the names we chose for the puppies all have a Y in them, following our last litter, GenX. We are pleased as punch that three out of four of our GenX doggies kept the names we gave them, but it goes without saying that their new families may rename them absolutely anything they’d like.

Meet Abby, our chocolate puppy. Judging by the coloring of our last litter, she will probably lighten to a caramel or cream. She’s sooo silky.

Abby 5 days old

Here’s Molly, mostly white with a few chocolate patches on her face, back, and tail. She’s a really mild doggie so far, with a sweet temperament.

Molly 5 days old

And last but not least, Kayte! She’s color-twins with Molly but with a few more chocolate patches, like puzzle pieces on her back. The tiny spots on her nose look like a mini paw print.

Kayte 5 days old

Truly darling! We’re delighted with them and look forward to happy days ahead.